Harry J. Heintz loves sailing. And reading and writing. And his wife and family. And God. And baseball. And life. He has been writing for years, for sermons, teachings, and observations about life and faith. Friends and family have urged him to start a blog. With their help and encouragement, here goes.

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Vivid Vivifying Vision

[This message was delivered at Perinton Presbyterian Church on May 22, 2022, based on Acts 16:6-15. It can be watched and heard on the Perinton Presbyterian Facebook page.] Have you ever seen something before you saw it? In 1971, John Denver recorded a song with the memorable phrase, “almost heaven, West Virginia.” It has since … Continue reading Vivid Vivifying Vision

Taking the Fork

[This message was delivered on the Third Sunday in Lent, 3/20/22, at Perinton Presbyterian Church. The video of it is on the Perinton Presbyterian facebook page.] It was a risky letter that Jourdan Anderson wrote on August 7, 1865. Jourdan and his family were freed by Union troops during the Civil War and fled from … Continue reading Taking the Fork

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